Monday, March 12, 2012

A Fan’s Blog for Chef Logro’s Work

I dearly remembered when I always watch my Mom cooking. I merely observe. Then I just occupy space when I started helping her apportioning things needed. Contradicting taste and later I just nod and tell her that this dish will soon be gobbled up by me.

Then there’s Wok with Yan. This cooking show is hosted by Stephen Yan where he features Chinese Cuisine. As a youngster, I ‘m fascinated with hi works especially when it’s time to appetence dish one at a time. I prepared my first ever Tinola at a young age of 7 and even make sinaing. Today, after 25 years, my hobby still never gets me tired of.

Later, I noticed this chef when I watched an episode of Delicioso. His name is Chef Pablo Boy Logro. His life story amazes me as well as his cooking skills. This blog will contain several famous cuisines made by the highest paid chef in the Philippines. He had his own tagline "ping-ping-ping" after the food plating and presentation and dearly ask his audience "Takam na takam na ba kayo?";  which is now his very own branding as an excellent chef.

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